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Off Center Harbor Features A treasure Trove Of Sailing Video

Television does not have a lot to offer a sailor. There are fleeting glimpses of sailboats and occasionally attractive Hollywood types posing in the cockpit of a fantastic plastic lavishly trimmed out in teak. The dialog is busily engaged in … Continue reading

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It All Hinges On Raising The Mast

Last August I purchased a 19 foot O’day Daysailer that is in fundamentally good shape but needed a few replacement parts and some attention paid to several old ones.  I had hopes of getting out on the water this spring … Continue reading

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Waiting For The Festival, Wooden Boat Fever Is In The Air

Life has conspired to keep me away from the water for a long time.  The life sustaining qualities of water are beneficial to both body and soul. I get my boating in small doses so I am excited that The … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Kayak Building in Slow Motion

The observant follower of this blog will have noticed the glacial pace of my postings over the last several month. Life is not coinciding with my personal schedule and my priorities have shifted like a southern California fault line. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Take a Break

If you are having trouble getting your head into your “happy place” try this video from Dylan Winter.  The music is good and the boats and scenery will hit you right where a sailor lives.  Of course you can find … Continue reading

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Of Grandpas and Pirates

The 2010 Wooden Boat Festival did Port Townsend proud.  It had more caulked seams per square foot than any harbor within the watery boundaries of the United States of America.  A visitor could hear the boatyard cognoscenti gibbering in their … Continue reading

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More on Dylan Winter Cruising Britain

Back on August the 11th I wrote about Dylan Winter’s rambles around the British coast.  If you are interested in Knowing more about him check out Small Craft Advisor magazine, Sept./Oct. issue.  They have a very good interview with Dylan.  … Continue reading

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Sailing Around Britain. Left, Now Left… Now Left Again

Many sailor’s have their own private dream of a particular voyage.  It can be anything from a cruise around the lake to circumnavigating the word.  Circular voyages have a special place in our imaginations and aspirations.  They lack the practical … Continue reading

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Garage Sailing, Catalina 22 For Sale

I have been cruising garage sales for decades.  Partly because I’m cheap and partly because at one time I was a dealer in antiques.  Naturally, as a nautical nut I kept a weather eye out for boating items either for … Continue reading

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