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  1. Jack Studevant says:

    I saw that you got interested in sailing by meeting up with the Heart’s Desire in Ocean City, MD. I am writing because that is how I feel in love with sailing too.

    Howard Whitney was the owner in 1966. He allowed me to sail with him each day (in the summer) for the next three years.

    Do you know anything about what happen to the Heart’s Desire or Cap’t Whitney?

  2. Chris Kleinfelter says:

    I can’t provide any information about Captain Whitney. I only encountered Heart’s Desire once. A Google search brings up a 1925 Alden Schooner named Heart’s Desire. There is a nice photo of her that I now have as my computer’s desktop. She is listed in the American Schooner Association record The vessel in the picture has a helm wheel. The one I sailed had a tiller. The Captain is listed as a Lifetime Commodore in the Seven Seas Cruising Association

  3. Jeffrey Cain says:

    How do I obtain the mast hinge kit for the O’Day boat you fitted to your boat? I have the same O’Day and would like to install the same hinge kit. Thanks.

  4. Chris Kleinfelter says:

    Sorry for taking so much time to reply. I have been focusing on other things. The link you want is to D&R Marine

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