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The Waves Of Winter

It’s been a banner year for global warming. Here on the Olympic Peninsula we haven’t gotten much play from the polar vortex. More cold than usual came our way for awhile with temperatures down in the teens. As usual the … Continue reading

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Off Center Harbor Features A treasure Trove Of Sailing Video

Television does not have a lot to offer a sailor. There are fleeting glimpses of sailboats and occasionally attractive Hollywood types posing in the cockpit of a fantastic plastic lavishly trimmed out in teak. The dialog is busily engaged in … Continue reading

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Simply Messing About Anytime, Anywhere, It’s All Good

I’ve gotten used to not having much snow about. When you get it hanging around for a week or so it makes you nostalgic for Spring. I see the canoe on it’s saw horses with a blanket of white and … Continue reading

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Boatbuilding In A Small Way

Building a boat, even a small one, can be a large undertaking.  Everything being relative, the size of my budget demands a minuscule boat.  I remain in an extended period of constructive daydreaming.  My hands, however, want to be actively … Continue reading

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The Silent Boatyard At The End of The Year

Winter is the silent season.  Beaches are deserted, marinas grow quiet and cold weather puts a freeze on normal human hub-bub.  The Caribbean may be hopping this time of year but the Olympic Peninsula, where I live is not.  Around … Continue reading

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The Weather Outside is Frightful

As I sit here tonight there is about ten inches of snow on the ground outside.  Most of it hit the ground earlier today while I was at work.  The temperature is 25 degrees.  That is pretty low by Port … Continue reading

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Sailing Around Britain. Left, Now Left… Now Left Again

Many sailor’s have their own private dream of a particular voyage.  It can be anything from a cruise around the lake to circumnavigating the word.  Circular voyages have a special place in our imaginations and aspirations.  They lack the practical … Continue reading

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