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For Sale: Tradition Seeking Restoration and Completion

A boat by the side of the road invites inquiry.  Driving by without hearing their stories seems an act of neglect. I don’t mean the sort of boat that’s sitting behind a car on a trailer with a flat tire. … Continue reading

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Christened By A Fine Rain, The Chester Yawl Takes to The Water – Chapter 6

A new boat comes to life by degrees. As individual parts come together the construction takes on a form that makes it’s function apparent. It becomes a vessel gradually. A boatbuilding project can take a long time and bring doubts … Continue reading

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The Silent Boatyard At The End of The Year

Winter is the silent season.  Beaches are deserted, marinas grow quiet and cold weather puts a freeze on normal human hub-bub.  The Caribbean may be hopping this time of year but the Olympic Peninsula, where I live is not.  Around … Continue reading

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Of Grandpas and Pirates

The 2010 Wooden Boat Festival did Port Townsend proud.  It had more caulked seams per square foot than any harbor within the watery boundaries of the United States of America.  A visitor could hear the boatyard cognoscenti gibbering in their … Continue reading

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Wooden Boat festival First Impressions

I just got back from the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.  My first impression is that i am a little overloaded.  The sheer variety of vessels is amazing.  It was a splendid oportuninty to see some of the designs … Continue reading

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Wooden Boat Show Fever, The Temperature Rises With The Tide

We are just days away from the Wooden Boat Show in Port Townsend, Washington.  I am anticipating a day or two steeped in salty ambiance.  The weather forecast is looking like a cloudy but not particularly wet weekend.   Hotels are going … Continue reading

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Boat Shows I have Known, Wooden and Otherwise

Ever since I began sailing I have enjoyed attending boat shows.  They have fed my fantasies and drained my pockets.  I have sampled there varied themes and locations: sailboat, powerboat, small boat, wooden, metal, kayaks, used, indoor, outdoor.  In fair … Continue reading

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Marina Auctions Have Great Buys in Project Boats

You’ve probably heard that a boat is a hole in the water lined with (insert your choice of building material here) into which you throw money.  For those of us who live from paycheck to paycheck it is very difficult … Continue reading

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This Present Morning

As you can tell by my previous post I have a soft spot in my heart for the Chesapeake Bay.  I used to live in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  That was about 150 miles from Edgewater, Maryland where my sailboat was … Continue reading

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