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Finding Pax: A Story Of Mystery And Reunion

Kaci Cronkhite has written a story of full immersion. Her recently published book, Finding Pax, takes the reader on a seven year journey connecting many lives that have been touched by a singular vessel. The author’s search for Pax’s origins … Continue reading

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The 37th Annual Wooden Boat Festival Has A Lot To Offer

Where else can you see this many great wooden boats old and new than at the annual Wooden Boat festival in Port Townsend, Washington. This is the place to be for west coast fans of everything in boating that is … Continue reading

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The Sheer Beauty of a Fair Rail: Chester Yawl Part 2

In which the boys in the boatshed live on the edge before being run out of town on a  rail. ON FAIRNESS I like to run my eye along a beautiful curve. When a line sweeps along a contour with … Continue reading

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Bonding With Boats, Beer and Epoxy

In the hierarchy of things that constitute “simply messing about in boats” sailing is at the head of the list. Next is time spent building, restoring, painting or in any way physically advancing a boat from land-bound to seaborne. Time … Continue reading

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Start At The Beginning

Frugality is an art practiced with patience and a casual disregard for personal status. In a world where branding is practically a religion it is heretical to build in materials with no discernible commercial origin. Far beyond the green zeitgeist … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Kayak Building in Slow Motion

The observant follower of this blog will have noticed the glacial pace of my postings over the last several month. Life is not coinciding with my personal schedule and my priorities have shifted like a southern California fault line. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Lake Sailing, Possible Dream In Your Own Back Yard

My favorite cruising ground is the Chesapeake Bay but  Puget Sound is what is available to me now. These are large expanses of water with varying characteristics of weather, topography and tidal conditions. They are not the kind of water … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes and The Desire To Go To Sea

I often bridle at the seeming inevitability of things.  Why are “unavoidable” and “unwanted” synonymous?  It puts a negative spin on life.  One seeks some assurance of a life with rising prospects.  The company I work for frequently champions the … Continue reading

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Building a Memory, Modeling the Brewer Cat

I first became interested in boats, sailing vessels in particular, when I saw my first ship models.  They were in display cases in the Cabrillo Beach museum in San Pedro, Ca.  I was awed by the web of rigging on … Continue reading

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Wooden Boat festival First Impressions

I just got back from the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.  My first impression is that i am a little overloaded.  The sheer variety of vessels is amazing.  It was a splendid oportuninty to see some of the designs … Continue reading

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