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The Dungeness Crabber, A Boatbuilder’s Legacy

The human brain is a facile machine that can pump out an ocean of ideas. Some are gold, some are dross and fate may have it that some will fade into obscurity. A designer’s legacy is that portion of his … Continue reading

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Almost Afloat, A Sailboat Comes Home To Roost

My long dry spell is soon to come to an end. In my backyard is an O’day Day Sailor 17 foot sailboat on a trailer. My wife gets credit for dragging me to a garage sale where the boat was … Continue reading

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Pointed At Both Ends, What A Concept!

I was just cruising the web looking at boats and having a moment of appreciation for double-enders.  This timeless hull form was not so much developed by the mind of man as simply assembled organically by the hands of natural … Continue reading

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Building a Memory, Modeling the Brewer Cat

I first became interested in boats, sailing vessels in particular, when I saw my first ship models.  They were in display cases in the Cabrillo Beach museum in San Pedro, Ca.  I was awed by the web of rigging on … Continue reading

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A New Magazine For Sailors Comes Over The Horizon

Magazines are going online every day. It seems like they all have a digital version available. At the Wooden Boat Show in Port Townsend I was introduced to a new magazine which is not transitioning to but has launched directly … Continue reading

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More on Dylan Winter Cruising Britain

Back on August the 11th I wrote about Dylan Winter’s rambles around the British coast.  If you are interested in Knowing more about him check out Small Craft Advisor magazine, Sept./Oct. issue.  They have a very good interview with Dylan.  … Continue reading

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