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Finding Pax: A Story Of Mystery And Reunion

Kaci Cronkhite has written a story of full immersion. Her recently published book, Finding Pax, takes the reader on a seven year journey connecting many lives that have been touched by a singular vessel. The author’s search for Pax’s origins … Continue reading

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The Moment That Makes It

A Facebook friend asked a question I have not thought about for a long time. As often happens a simple answer became a short essay, because I’m like that. Question: Been thinking a lot about the wind and I am … Continue reading

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Book Collecting Warms a Sailor’s Soul

In my east coast incarnation I was a seller of so-called antiques and collectibles. It amounted to being a sort of nostalgia merchant. The experience showed me that niche markets grow from niche interests. If you are a stamp collector … Continue reading

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The Dungeness Crabber, A Boatbuilder’s Legacy

The human brain is a facile machine that can pump out an ocean of ideas. Some are gold, some are dross and fate may have it that some will fade into obscurity. A designer’s legacy is that portion of his … Continue reading

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Heritage Boatworks: My Newest Favorite Podcast

Yes, I am crazy about podcasts, especially if they center around sailing and boats. This is a narrow field so I take what I can get. You can find a number of them on iTunes that have faded long ago … Continue reading

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Off Center Harbor Features A treasure Trove Of Sailing Video

Television does not have a lot to offer a sailor. There are fleeting glimpses of sailboats and occasionally attractive Hollywood types posing in the cockpit of a fantastic plastic lavishly trimmed out in teak. The dialog is busily engaged in … Continue reading

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It’s A Festival, It Has Wooden Boats. What More Could You Want?

I call it my annual pilgrimage to the land of my people. I love to walk the docks and talk to other people who are in some degree obsessed by boats,especially the wooden kind. You can’t do better than the … Continue reading

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The 37th Annual Wooden Boat Festival Has A Lot To Offer

Where else can you see this many great wooden boats old and new than at the annual Wooden Boat festival in Port Townsend, Washington. This is the place to be for west coast fans of everything in boating that is … Continue reading

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The Boat Guy Talks Up Pelicans, Cool Video

Little surprises crop up on my Facebook page. The good ones are not trying to seduce me into buying useless stuff. The best ones have actual nautical content that speaks directly to my soul. Today’s serendipity was a posting from … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Hooked On Wooden Boats 100th Podcast

I have followed Dan Mattson’s podcast, Hooked On Wooden Boats, since the very first episode. Podcasts come and go and I have a high appreciation for the ones that endure. It is disappointing to see them fade, especially when I’ve … Continue reading

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