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The Moment That Makes It

A Facebook friend asked a question I have not thought about for a long time. As often happens a simple answer became a short essay, because I’m like that. Question: Been thinking a lot about the wind and I am … Continue reading

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Christened By A Fine Rain, The Chester Yawl Takes to The Water – Chapter 6

A new boat comes to life by degrees. As individual parts come together the construction takes on a form that makes it’s function apparent. It becomes a vessel gradually. A boatbuilding project can take a long time and bring doubts … Continue reading

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The Boat Guy Talks Up Pelicans, Cool Video

Little surprises crop up on my Facebook page. The good ones are not trying to seduce me into buying useless stuff. The best ones have actual nautical content that speaks directly to my soul. Today’s serendipity was a posting from … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Kayak Building in Slow Motion

The observant follower of this blog will have noticed the glacial pace of my postings over the last several month. Life is not coinciding with my personal schedule and my priorities have shifted like a southern California fault line. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Lake Sailing, Possible Dream In Your Own Back Yard

My favorite cruising ground is the Chesapeake Bay but  Puget Sound is what is available to me now. These are large expanses of water with varying characteristics of weather, topography and tidal conditions. They are not the kind of water … Continue reading

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The Course We Steer Looking To Another Year

The swing of a compass in time with the easy motion of a well trimmed sailing craft is mesmerizing. The lubber line is a wandering, even elusive, target in rougher conditions.  The combined mediums of wind and water can present … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes and The Desire To Go To Sea

I often bridle at the seeming inevitability of things.  Why are “unavoidable” and “unwanted” synonymous?  It puts a negative spin on life.  One seeks some assurance of a life with rising prospects.  The company I work for frequently champions the … Continue reading

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Of Grandpas and Pirates

The 2010 Wooden Boat Festival did Port Townsend proud.  It had more caulked seams per square foot than any harbor within the watery boundaries of the United States of America.  A visitor could hear the boatyard cognoscenti gibbering in their … Continue reading

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Wooden Boat Show Fever, The Temperature Rises With The Tide

We are just days away from the Wooden Boat Show in Port Townsend, Washington.  I am anticipating a day or two steeped in salty ambiance.  The weather forecast is looking like a cloudy but not particularly wet weekend.   Hotels are going … Continue reading

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County Fair in a Bottle

The sea can be a boring place to hang out on long passages.  Sailors have filled the off-watch hours with their own particular amusements for centuries.  Now a days they have television or the Internet.  not so long ago amusement … Continue reading

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