Congratulations to Hooked On Wooden Boats 100th Podcast

I have followed Dan Mattson’s podcast, Hooked On Wooden Boats, since the very first episode. Podcasts come and go and I have a high appreciation for the ones that endure. It is disappointing to see them fade, especially when I’ve gotten addicted to one that speaks to my own passions.  HOWB is among my favorites because of the quality content brought to it by a host who manages to search out and interview precisely the kind of people who’s head I want to peek into.

One hundred episodes is a marvelous achievement and a testimony to the motivation of the host. This episode features interviews with 8 year old Henry LePage who built his own eleven foot skiff and Cliff Ravenscraft, “The Podcast Answer Man.” Mr. Ravenscraft’s online course in podcasting gave Dan Mattson the tools to start his own podcast.  HOWB has come a long way in terms of production values but part of it’s charm has been the personal touch of  a host that does not sound like the eleven o’clock news or an advertisement for the latest pharmaceutical wonder. Many of his interviews are done at boat shows with background noise and interruptions appropriate to the setting.

Dan has never cast himself as an expert and can be seen to learn along with the listener the nuances of designing, building, restoring and generally messing about in boats. Episode one of Hooked On Wooden Boats was posted on September 22, 2011. Since then Dan has interviewed a diverse array of personalities in the wooden boat world, most of them from the Pacific Northwest. He is starting to branch out with interviewees from across the country which promises to be an asset to the shows already excellent content. Dan has taken the experience he has gained with HOWB and from building his recently launched stitch and glue canoe to write an electronic book.  Get in The Wooden Boat Game is a guide for the interested amateur in selecting the right boat to build first time out.

My just finished canoe "Chelan" on the Columbia River.  Photo by Wooden Boat Dan

Just finished canoe “Chelan” on the Columbia River. Photo by Wooden Boat Dan

Dan is currently building an eleven foot John Welsford designed Scamp. He will be bringing it to this years Wooden Boat Festival, September 6-8, in Port Townsend, Washington where he will also be presenting a talk on building your first boat. Congratulations Dan, I am sure we will be saluting you again when episode 200 comes in view.

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  1. Chris; Thanks for mentioning Henry on the Hooked on Wooden Boats podcast and here on the blog. When Henry heard his name mentioned again, he was so excited!

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