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For Sale: Tradition Seeking Restoration and Completion

A boat by the side of the road invites inquiry.  Driving by without hearing their stories seems an act of neglect. I don’t mean the sort of boat that’s sitting behind a car on a trailer with a flat tire. … Continue reading

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Almost Afloat, A Sailboat Comes Home To Roost

My long dry spell is soon to come to an end. In my backyard is an O’day Day Sailor 17 foot sailboat on a trailer. My wife gets credit for dragging me to a garage sale where the boat was … Continue reading

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All in the Family, A Well Loved Schooner

The pinky schooner Robert L, designed in 1948 by William Garden, is a testament to one family’s persistence.  Building was begun by Robert Anderson in 1970 becoming a family project for several decades.  It was a dream of one man … Continue reading

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Garage Sailing, Catalina 22 For Sale

I have been cruising garage sales for decades.  Partly because I’m cheap and partly because at one time I was a dealer in antiques.  Naturally, as a nautical nut I kept a weather eye out for boating items either for … Continue reading

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Marina Auctions Have Great Buys in Project Boats

You’ve probably heard that a boat is a hole in the water lined with (insert your choice of building material here) into which you throw money.  For those of us who live from paycheck to paycheck it is very difficult … Continue reading

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Still Hanging in There for Impound Auction

The suspense has not exactly been killing me but I am feeling the effects of several flesh wounds.  As I reported earlier there is an auction for impounded boats at the local marina.  At this point I am intending to … Continue reading

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Why Good Old Boat Magazine May Be in My Future

Good Old Boat magazine is one of the most useful publications in it’s genre.  There is more good how-to information per pound of ink  than you can find in the average yachting magazine.  I like that it’s not a show … Continue reading

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