Still Hanging in There for Impound Auction

The suspense has not exactly been killing me but I am feeling the effects of several flesh wounds.  As I reported earlier there is an auction for impounded boats at the local marina.  At this point I am intending to attend.  There may not be two nickles in my pocket to rub together.  Isn’t poverty wonderful?

I have continued to do research on the Columbia 22 and I like what I have found.  Many thanks to the Columbia 22 group on Yahoo! for answering my questions.  This process is a little like running an inlet on the Jersey Shore.  There’s nothing like local knowledge.

Should I actually end up with a sailboat out of this I will be blogging and possibly doing a video podcast about the restoration and general commisioning of the boat.  If not then I may go back to my original thought of building a sailboat with similar media coverage.  The idea of putting my mug in front of a camera in a room full of dangerous tools or on a boat with lots of unforgiving water underneath is kind of scary.

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  1. hang in there. poverty is not all it’s cracked up to be but anyone with the desire and gumption to acquire and renovate an old boat can find a way to do so. Watch the auctions on ebay, there are some real bargains. building from scratch will be a lot more expense than refitting a classic, but the rewards would no doubt be great. best of luck.


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