Pay no attention to the man with the camera.

I was cruising the Port Angeles Boat Basin on Sunday with my handycam and tripod.  I have been doing this sort of thing ever since I started to focus on the upcoming boat auction.  As it turns out, carrying a video camera around a marina is a sure way to attract attention.  I have been meeting some very nice folks, all of whom speak fluent sailorese.  What a pleasant surprise.  I love this kind of stuff.  you might think I would get plenty of that sort of thing working for a boatbuilder.  Unfortunately Westport Shipyards employs few people who regularly go boating in anything other than a floating conveyance that supports their wieght above water while they earnestly seek to kill large fish.  I’m not knocking it.  I’m just saying that apart from a friend on the opposite shift the whole lot of them wouldn’t know a bowline from a buttock line.

Our marina has some very interesting characters whom I hope to know better in due course.  With their kind permission I will introduce some of them on this forum and tell the best stories I can wheedle out of them.  There is an old buddy of mine from the plywood mill who lives on a motorsailor which only motors.  That’s kind of sad but it works for him.  I met a father and son who are restoring a classic sloop.  They are resurrecting it in fine style.  Although she is just a hull tied to the dock her beautiful lines are very much in evidence.  It’s encouraging to see the effort that people will put towards getting out on the water.  It is an elemental urge not to be denied.    Standby for more details.   This is just a beginning as I continue to look for more seaward adventures.

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