Some Must Hear Podcasts From Yachting Monthly

My iPod has become an extension of my central nervous system.  It’s jacked into my head for some period of time everyday.  Podcasts are both educational and vicarious fantasy food.  I’ve mentioned some of my favorites in past postings.  Naturally I want to direct your attention to something solidly related to the sea and sailing.

Yachting Monthly is an excellent British sailing magazine published by Yacting & Boating World who also put out the Classic Boat.  Their website is feature rich and well worth perusing.  It also features a series of podcasts by two excellent commentators, Libby Purves and Tom Cunliffe.  Ms. Purves is an accomplished and very articulate sailor.  She is a BBC presenter as well as a Yachting Monthly columnist. Tom Cunliffe became known to me years ago when I read his book Topsail and Battleaxe.  It’s agreat read with lots of sailing and Viking lore.  He knows traditional boats inside and out and has cruised extensively under gaff rigged sails.

Both presenters cover a wide range of sailing subjects.  These folks are very outspoken and engaging.  you can’t help but be entertained by their stories and opinions.  If you haven’t been able to get on the water lately and you want to feel connected to the salt again, just for a little while.  Plug in to Tom and Libby for some dock talk from across the pond.  It can keep you going until the next sailing day.

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