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The Waves Of Winter

It’s been a banner year for global warming. Here on the Olympic Peninsula we haven’t gotten much play from the polar vortex. More cold than usual came our way for awhile with temperatures down in the teens. As usual the … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes and The Desire To Go To Sea

I often bridle at the seeming inevitability of things.  Why are “unavoidable” and “unwanted” synonymous?  It puts a negative spin on life.  One seeks some assurance of a life with rising prospects.  The company I work for frequently champions the … Continue reading

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County Fair in a Bottle

The sea can be a boring place to hang out on long passages.  Sailors have filled the off-watch hours with their own particular amusements for centuries.  Now a days they have television or the Internet.  not so long ago amusement … Continue reading

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