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As the Arrow Flies: Chester Yawl Part 3

A boat is a roundish sort of thing. Round is not an ideal hydrodynamic shape. Push it through the water and it will tend to wander, much like my prose, unless something is added to set things straight. The pull … Continue reading

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It All Hinges On Raising The Mast

Last August I purchased a 19 foot O’day Daysailer that is in fundamentally good shape but needed a few replacement parts and some attention paid to several old ones.  I had hopes of getting out on the water this spring … Continue reading

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Selling Siezed Sailboats by the Seashore

In these troubled economic times the boat market has gone soft.  Just as mortgage defaults and foreclosures are more numerous these days the default rate on boat moorage is also up.  Making the marina rent takes a back seat to … Continue reading

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