Garage – from the Greek for Keep Boat Stuff Here

From the Merriam-Webster free online dictionary comes this succinct gem of the English language:

Definition of GARAGE

1 : a shelter or repair shop for automotive vehicles

There are not enough hours in the day for all the activities we love.    Some of us deal with this by focusing on the particular passions that dwell in our souls and dominate our real estate.  Active people can amass a sort of mountain of sports equipment that takes over the garage and many a car (like mine) never sees the inside of an indoor space.

Boats are especially good at taking over garages, second only to woodworking equipment.  My garages have always been domintaed by boats and tools.  I figure that’s why two-car garages were invented.  One side for woodworking, one side for boats.  If I were wealthy there would be another bay for an airplane.  Why not dream big?

Some space can be saved by combining objects.  Don’t be afraid to hang the canoes and kayaks from the ceiling over your sailboat.  Install wall racks for oars, paddles, boat hooks or more kayaks. Think outside the garage also.  I put a Graber outback bike rack on my car and instantly made more room for boat stuff.

Every now and then the boat stuff can start to expand beyond the limits of the actual garage walls.  beware if your otherwise healthy obsession infiltrates areas of open navigation in your driveway.  Spousal objections may ensue.  At the very least install one those new auto backup camera devices.  They are quite reasonably priced now a days and may keep you from backing into those saw horses holding the newly varnished mast and boom you spent so much time and trouble on.

Currently only the canoe in the backyard has escaped the boundaries of my garage.  It’s better to have a strong door for your garage and Nabors Garage Doors can help you with that. However, there is a building project in the offing. Sixteen feet of boat is likely to displace a mound of  stuff currently in “storage”, a.k.a. valuable potential boat space.  High level negotiations have been going on for months and there is a glimmer of hope that I can set up a video camera and humiliate myself on You Tube with my mistakes.  Stay tuned, film at eleven… or whenever I get the garage cleaned out.

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