Wooden Boat Festival 2010 Preparing to Weigh Anchor

Prepare to be dazzled by Port Townsend, Washington’s 34th annual Wooden Boat Festival.  This show is a feast for wooden boat lovers. I had not been able to attend the show for several years.  In 2009 I was able to reacquaint myself with the show and was thrilled to have done so.  As an east coast boy I was able to attend similar events.  I was even an exhibitor at the first wooden boat show put together Woodenboat magazine in Newport, Rhode Island.  The last one I attended was in St. Michaels, Maryland.  I am going to make a judgment call here and say that I liked the one in Port Townsend best.

There is an incredible variety of all the familiar designs I love so much.  Reading boat design reviews and studying lines plans is meat and drink for me.   When I can see the boats I have poured over so diligently up close and in person I am one happy camper.  There will be nearly 300 boats to examine.  At a boat show you often get a chance to talk with designers or builders.  They are generally eager to share their work and knowledge.

The show features all-day demonstrations for “best practices” at the Sea Marine Boatyard Stage; all-day demonstrations and “Ask a Shipwright” options for boat maintenance and biodiesel to modern construction ideas, electric motors, composting toilets and copper free bottom paint.  There are many exhibitors displaying boat building materials and tools

The Music is always a special treat.  it’s usually in range of enticing food smells.  The situation is ideal for taking a break from the information overload.  There is so much to learn at events like this.  Even the kids have their own special area with games, stories and hands on activities.

The Wooden Boat Festival runs from September 10-12th.  Admission is:

One-Day Tickets: $15 or $10 for senior over 65 and teens.

Multi-Day (Fri-Sun) Tickets: are $30 or $20 for seniors and teens.

I really love boat shows and this is a great one.  This year is the first one I will be attending as a blogger.  I will have my handy video camera along with me.  There should be lot’s of interesting material to pass along in future posts.  Maybe I will get to meet some of you.  that may be the best treat of all.

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