Unrealized Expectations and Future Hopes

I had sincerely believed that I was going to get a chance to crew in the Classic Mariners regatta in Port Townsend this past weekend.  Unfortunately,  family matters intervened and I needed to stick around the old homestead.  Life happens all the time.  It seldom consults my scheduled expectations.  The winds were very light around here so maybe I didn’t miss much.

My last post spoke of possibilities for acquiring a sailboat through the local marinas impoundment auction.  I am still hopeful enough that I have done some further investigation into the condition of Misfit.  I called the Port Authority to see if they had any idea what condition the Mercury outboard on the transom bracket is in.  Of course they didn’t have a clue.  The man I talked to said it was alright if I went down to the boat and had a pull on the starter rope, which I did.  Hallelujah! It caught on the third pull and ran like a clock.  Having a good little engine like that is certainly a plus.  I also had a chance to rummage about in the boat and answer some more questions.  The chainplates do not leak and the bulkheads they are attached to are perfectly sound.  I found several headsails in the forepeak.  I’m liking this little boat more all the time.  Everybody cross your fingers in unison… Right… Now!

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