A Place to Build

Once you know what to build, you have to have a place to construct it.  I am blessed.  My two car garage will be adequate to build a boat such as I am considering here.  It has always been my policy to not inflict automobiles on any garage of mine.  I just call them workshops and let it go at that.  Unfortunately my family views the garage as a storage area.  It’s an age old battle and I must draw my lines where I can.

I have an advantage in having an extra room attached to the back of the garage.  At 12″ x 20″ it forms the established workspace I use most of the time and is where my tools are stored.   We purchased the house two years ago and the workbench was already in place.  It’s built hell for stout and the top is a piece of a bowling alley.  There are lots of shelves and windows along two walls give plenty of light.  I built a drawing table on one wall and that makes it home to me.  You need to have a thinking place and lots of drawing tools available.

My supply of tools could always be better.  Donations are always gratefully accepted.  I have most of what I need.  To start I will need two things above all else: time and space. Looks like those physics classes will come in handy after all.

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