And Now The News…

I am glad to have finished the series on selecting a boat design. I’m sorry for the big interruption between the first and second posts.  The whole thing rambled a bit but we got through it.  Now that I have inflicted it on you, my loyal readers, the bits and pieces have been gathered up and thrown into one word-processing file.  I will be expanding the concept and editing the heck out of it.  In finished form I will be offering it as my first eBook as a pdf. file.  I will be filling you in on progress as I go.

I have been working on more ways to get on the water and to build interesting content for Seaward Adventures. To that end I applied for crew position in the Wooden Boat Foundation’s 27th Classic Mariners’ Regatta June 5 & 6, 2010 in Port Townsend, Washington.  I was assigned to Aura a 33 foot Blanchard classic sloop owned by Ward Fay.  Unfortunately, Aura is in need of some TLC and may not be back in the water in time for the event.  The good folks at Wooden Boat Foundation are looking for another crew position for me.  Life goes on and we shall follow the wind and tide with as much patience as we can muster.

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