My Kingdom for a Kayak

How do you top off a great weekend? I spent a very productive Saturday at the Kayak symposium. There were new friends to be gained and much to learn. The beginning sea kayaking clinic gave me a sense of freedom in knowing that I can be safe and effective with my skills in a kayak. A great starting point. There was a virtual buffet of demo boats to try out.

On Sunday morning I spent three hours on a square-rigged sailing vessel. When I came ashore I returned to the kayak symposium as a pretty happy camper. I wasn’t quite ready for the good times to stop rolling so I did what any dedicated Grandparent will do. I called for reinforcements. With one quick phone call I was able to acquire my very own princess companion for a grand tour of the fleet.

Grand daughter Mikayla and her entourage met me on the beach in good time. A search for suitable gear netted one stylish blue life preserver complete with embroidered ducky logo. The royal vessel was an Eddyline Shasta open cockpit tandem model, perfect for the job. We were soon underway with Mika’s face to the wind and a song in my heart.

She was totally comfortable and did not react at all to any perceived tippiness of the boat.  She was much to busy exhorting me to go,”way over there.”  as two shadowy figures bearing cameras stalked the edge of the water we made a thorough exploration of the harbor winding in and out among the other kayakers and stand up paddleboards.  Finally, on dry land again she dispatched her minions (read as daddy) to search the tide pools for hermit crabs.  All I can add is, who would be a hermit if he was privileged to spend an hour with a princess?

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