This Way to the Wet Exit!

How do you survive a capsize?  Answer: do it ahead of time so it feels natural when it happens for real. It sure is nice to feel like you are in capable hands when you learn a new skill.  I had that opportunity today at the Port Angeles Kayak Symposium.  I signed up for the “Sea Kayaking for Beginners” clinic taught by Kathy Ruud and Rhonda Schwab.  the class was made up of eight newbies mostly locals but two women came up from Tacoma.  All were friendly folks who did their best and succeeded admirably.

All the equipment was provided so we were all suitably clad to go fall out of a boat which was exactly what we did, first thing.  Once you’ve deliberately exited an overturned kayak the fear factor is diminished  greatly.  The rest of the class was an interesting and enjoyable several hours on the water.  I’ll be talking more about it soon.

Tomorrow is my three hour sail aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain. She and the Lady Washington were in port today and I was able to get some video which I will combine with additional footage I get on board.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to do an adequate job.  Return soon for more Seaward Adventures square rigger style.

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