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Waiting For The Festival, Wooden Boat Fever Is In The Air

Life has conspired to keep me away from the water for a long time.  The life sustaining qualities of water are beneficial to both body and soul. I get my boating in small doses so I am excited that The … Continue reading

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Hooked On Wooden Boats a Healthy Addiction

There is a podcast for every passion. I regularly download more of them in a week than I have time to listen to. Among the ones I digest religiously is a new one: Hooked on Wooden Boats. Dan Mattson turns … Continue reading

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Revisiting The Pinky Schooner Robert L.

    Certain things have a way of continually appearing on our radar screens. They circle continually outside of visual range, only ocassionally emerging into view. Such is the case with Robert L.  I wrote a story about the William … Continue reading

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Windjammers on the Bay, A Festival Under Full Sail

There is no better place to be than on the water with a fresh breeze and the deck of a stout schooner beneath your feet. The solid way she moves in time with the waves matches the rhythm of life … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions From The Wooden Boat Festival

I had hoped to post some stories from the recent Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. Life has interfered lately but i am working on it and will having something soon. Up first and almost ready for prime time is … Continue reading

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2011 Wooden Boat Festival, Port Townsend, Washington

I am sending out the call to all hopelessly boat struck sailors. It is Wooden Boat Festival time once again. September 9 to 11 will see Port Townsend Washington awash in wood and the spirit of maritime history. Schooner watchers … Continue reading

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Almost Afloat, A Sailboat Comes Home To Roost

My long dry spell is soon to come to an end. In my backyard is an O’day Day Sailor 17 foot sailboat on a trailer. My wife gets credit for dragging me to a garage sale where the boat was … Continue reading

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Start At The Beginning

Frugality is an art practiced with patience and a casual disregard for personal status. In a world where branding is practically a religion it is heretical to build in materials with no discernible commercial origin. Far beyond the green zeitgeist … Continue reading

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Coming Attractions: Kayak Building in Slow Motion

The observant follower of this blog will have noticed the glacial pace of my postings over the last several month. Life is not coinciding with my personal schedule and my priorities have shifted like a southern California fault line. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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The Log Of Dragonsong: Spring Milk Shake Cruise 1993 Day 2

May 21 0300, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, St. Michaels, MD. There is something about a lighthouse that brings the mind to muse on directions, dangers, and the eternal search for havens of rest. I am lounging on the upper balcony … Continue reading

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