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Details and Thinking Outside The Box The Kit Came In: Chester Yawl Part 4

A boatbuilding project breaks down into many tasks varying in importance. Smaller components are completed and brought together with other sub-assemblies so that the sum of the parts will create something like the whole. One reaches a point where all … Continue reading

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The Boat Guy Talks Up Pelicans, Cool Video

Little surprises crop up on my Facebook page. The good ones are not trying to seduce me into buying useless stuff. The best ones have actual nautical content that speaks directly to my soul. Today’s serendipity was a posting from … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Hooked On Wooden Boats 100th Podcast

I have followed Dan Mattson’s podcast, Hooked On Wooden Boats, since the very first episode. Podcasts come and go and I have a high appreciation for the ones that endure. It is disappointing to see them fade, especially when I’ve … Continue reading

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As the Arrow Flies: Chester Yawl Part 3

A boat is a roundish sort of thing. Round is not an ideal hydrodynamic shape. Push it through the water and it will tend to wander, much like my prose, unless something is added to set things straight. The pull … Continue reading

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