A Mermaid Resurfaces

Sailors are subject to the siren call of mythical beauties.  I am no different when it comes to miniature mermaids.  Look lively mates, they catch one unawares.

Children can be charming. It took me longer than most to figure that out. One of the first kids to enlighten me was the young daughter of a co-worker.  My friend Lisa would occasionally show up at the laboratory I worked for with young Lydia in tow. The energy put out by that child was more contagious than a virus. She seemed to pick me out for special attention and could count on me to spin her in the office chairs and generally disrupt productivity.  Good times!

Being a sucker for a pretty face and an incurable romantic I wrote a more or less nautical poem for my young enchantress which I will now share with my readers.

Minuet In Sea

I danced a dance light and silly
With a young squid from Piccadilly.
Tap-tapping our toes on the sea bed,
Joining hands and tentacles outspread,
Spinning in time to the rhythm of the tide
Awash in the foaming waves we ride.

In the midnight deep of the rolling sea,
My aquatic friend smiles at me,
Bubbling a message I can not discern,
In a language I must try to learn.
For, he is lost who never tries
To read a tale in mermaid eyes.

That was a long time ago.  Life has taken me to the opposite coast and put me out of touch with many old friends.  The internet has become my forum to reach out to my fellow sailors.   It also brings surprises through the random connections of facebook .  I was pleased to be reconnected with Lisa who of course had pictures  of the little girl who charmed me so long ago.

I am still enchanted.

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