Wooden Boat Show Fever, The Temperature Rises With The Tide

We are just days away from the Wooden Boat Show in Port Townsend, Washington.  I am anticipating a day or two steeped in salty ambiance.  The weather forecast is looking like a cloudy but not particularly wet weekend.   Hotels are going to be full. there may still be camping spots available.  Reserving a spot on the Washington State Ferries would be a real good idea if your route requires it.

There are a lot of activities.   I always get conflicted because some things overlap a bit.  see the activity guide on the Wooden Boat Foundation website.  About 500 boats are expected to show up.  That’s almost enough to keep me entertained.  I am sure to run out of videotape.  If you have not attended this show before you are in for a treat.  if you have then you are going to get a repeat of a treat.

The Tall Ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain have been in Port Angeles all week and are scheduled to head for Port Townsend where Lady Washington will be hauled out for a routine inspection.  It could be real interesting to get a peek at her lines.

It should be a grand time.  See you there.  I’ll be the one with a big grin.  You will be too.

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