So Much Water, So Little Time

Picture graciously provided by Mary Daugherty

A Busy Weekend

The upcoming weekend is going to be very busy here in Port angeles, Washington. It should be fruitful for this blog in terms of material content. So stick with me for some interesting new posts.

Boats on the Beach

First up is the 10th Annual Port Angeles Kayak Symposium
April 16th-18th. I have attended before and it’s a cool get together of kayaking enthusiasts ably sponsored by Olympic Raft & Kayak.   There will be kayaks available to take demo rides and clinics to attend.  I will bring back reports on the festivities and try not to get my cameras wet.

More Fun Than a Barrel of Anything

Also in town this weekend are the tall-ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain.  I will be going out for a sail on the Chieftain Sunday morning.  Hooozaw!  Square rig is for real sailors.  I will have a video camera along with and we shall see if I can do something interesting with it.  Warning!  I am a rank beginner at video but it should be plenty of fun anyway.  I am trying to get more non-literary content for the blog but I’m wrestling with a killer learning curve that slows me down at every turn.  Still, We shall prevail.  stay tuned – film at eleven.  I always wanted to say that!

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  1. Tom Daugherty says:

    Very well then. I’m looking forward to hear more from you as you have fun with video and excitement on the open sea. Full steam captain !

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